Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in The International conference “Glass: Science and Practice” (GlasSP2017), which will be held under the auspices of the National Commission on Glass of the Russian Federation. The conference will be held June 6-8, 2017 in the Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISC RAS), 199034, St. Petersburg, nab. Makarova, 2.

The conference “Glass: Science and Practice” (GlasSP2017) continues the historic tradition of the of USSR’s conferences and symposia devoted to the study of the glassy state. The meetings were organized by the State Committee for Science and Technology, Department of Physical Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and the Institute of Silicate Chemistry. Each meeting was attended by more than 500 professionals, many of these meetings were held with the participation of a representative number of foreign scholars. Proceedings of the majority of these meetings have been translated into English and published abroad.

Currently, the scientific centers of the Russian Federation, including the Academy of Sciences and the ISC RAS are successfully continuing the studies of the structure and properties of glasses of different glass-forming systems. The problem of studying of glass state, besides the theoretical value in studying the specific state of matter, and has steadily widened practical value in solving problems on the synthesis of new glasses with desired properties by creating new functional glass, glass ceramics, porous, and other materials with unique physical, chemical, optical and spectroscopic technical properties that make them suitable for the modernization of advanced technologies in optics, photonics, laser equipment, analytical instrumentation, environmental, construction industry and other important areas.

The main purpose of the conference “Glass: Science and Practice” (GlasSP2017) is to create conditions for the discussion of topical issues by experts of the fundamental problems of the science of the glass and for efficient interaction of scientists with the representatives of manufacturing, which should provide real opportunities for the introduction of scientific results into practice.

The First Conference “Glass: Science and Practice” (GlasSP2017) in the new format was held in The Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences in November 2013 and showed great interest in the glass community, was presented more than 130 papers.

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We are looking forward to see you in Saint-Petersburg!
The Organizing Committee of the Conference “Glass: Science and Practice” GlasSP17.


The Book of summaries will be published in the conference proceedings by the beginning of the conference.
The electronic version of the materials of the conference will be published on the conference website ( upon its completion.
The Book of abstracts will be indexed in the RINC (Russian Science Citation Index) database.

Full text of the reports will be selected by The Organizing committee for publishing in the journal «Glass Physics and Chemistry».

Official languages: Russian, English

The journal “Glass Physics and Chemistry“.

Dear participants! Abstracts submission deadline extended to 20 March 2017