The Program of the conference “Glass: Science and Practice” includes discussion of a wide range of topical fundamental and applied problems in the following areas:

  • Section 1. The nature of the glass state. The structure of glass-forming melts and glasses
  • Section 2. Physical and chemical properties of glass-forming melts and glasses
  • Section 3. Methods of synthesis of glasses. Technology and manufacture. The new vitreous and glass-crystalline materials: special glass (bio-, sol-gel, oxygen-free, fluoride, porous, etc.); nanocomposites based on glass-forming systems.
  • Section 4. Practical applications of glass: optics, laser technology and photonics; ecology; building industry. Archeology and art glass.

 Report presentation:

  • plenary talks (30 min.);
  •  oral presentations (15 min);
  •  poster presentations;
  • exhibition of natural samples.

It is planned awarding of the best young speakers (up to 35 years old) in two categories: “My contribution to the fundamental glass science” and “My scientific idea/development for glass industry”..
The conference is being held in conjunction with The National Commission on Glass of Russian Federation.
Cultural program.